Monday, March 17, 2014

Powerful Moms

Last year when I was leaving the Phoenix Power of Moms Retreat, my friend asked, "Why don't more retreats happen in Utah?" I didn't have a great answer for her, but as soon as Allyson Reynolds approached me and asked about doing a retreat together this spring, I knew I couldn't turn down the opportunity!

What a wonderful day spent presenting with THE Allyson Reynolds last Saturday at a beautiful home in Utah County.
And what a fabulous day spent with these incredible ladies!
Sometimes motherhood is discouraging. As always seems to be the case right before a retreat, last week was a crazy week. There were numerous occasions I was reminded how absolutely unqualified I feel to stand in front of a group of mothers promoting motherhood. In fact, just the night before, I had one of those "motherhood moments" that I felt as though I surely needed to turn in my resignation to the Power of Moms organization.

But then I spent a day with mothers that know exactly what I'm up against some days. Mothers who have the same deep and abiding desires that I do to be a good mother. Yet mothers who absolutely know and understand the hard days and moments that thwart those desires. Motherhood is hard. But in the same vein, it is beautiful and wonderful. Truly a privilege.

I wish I had taken more photos of the day. Photos of mothers laughing together, some crying together, and some sitting around a table sharing advice and ideas. There is something so powerful about being in a room with 50 deliberate mothers.
(Instead all I got was this photo taken at the end of the day. I always love seeing the small groups gather at the end as we say our goodbyes.)

I've been to a lot of Power of Moms retreats in the past few years, and I have loved every single one of them. And until Saturday, I don't think I could have pinpointed an absolute favorite thing about a retreat. But I can now...

This guy.
It wasn't the free afternoon treats that he brought us, or the $50 worth of gift certificates he gave to us to give away that propelled him to my favorite POM retreat experience thus far. 

It was him standing in front of almost 50 mothers, and sharing his love and respect for mothers! He shared a personal experience of his mother and grandmother, and his poignant message probably touched every mother in the room. He was so genuine and sincere in his praises for went far beyond a marketing ploy.

(Please, go to their Facebook page and "like". And if you're in the Lehi area, go to his store! Definitely taking my family there next time we are in the neighborhood.)

I wish I had taken a photo of all of our Power of Moms trainers that we had in attendance. But we forgot until the end when we were the only ones left.
I love that Power of Moms trainers don't claim to be any experts. We are simply mothers who love motherhood and want to help encourage and lift other mothers. We facilitate the discussions, and give a few ideas, but the greatest moments come as we learn from each other in attendance.

As I drove home on Saturday night, I couldn't help but think of April and Saren and their individual dreams they had that eventually brought them together and has made Power of Moms what it is today! The website is a wonderful resource, and there is so much great stuff on there. But the in-person retreats and mini-retreats? Nothing can quite compare to a group of mothers sitting together in the same room sharing experiences, feelings and stories that are dear to their hearts. It is a powerful thing!

Following each Power of Moms retreat, I am reminded me of the quote by Helen Keller...
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." 

Mothers supporting mothers is a prime example.
Love Power of Moms!


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