Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lucky Me!

More than ever before, it seems in the last year I have had enough experiences and/or interactions with others to make me truly, truly count as one of my greatest blessings, my husband Mike.

I'm not really the sappy type, and too often I'm heard saying a cutting remark, or seen rolling my eyes at my dear husband!  But I love him.  I truly do.

For the past few weeks, I've been grateful for some of the little things that make me treasure my relationship with him a little more.  Though there have been a myriad of experiences this last year, I think the culminating, cherry-on-top-I am-truly-blessed situations to have been privvy to have been, watching my dear friend Scarlet stand by her husband's side as he slowly recovers from a near death experience.  (You can read about her day to day ups and downs here.)  Her love is real.  She knows firsthand what it means 'For better or for worse, in sickness and in health.'  The other experience was watching a man stand at the graveside of his wife of twenty years.  (I wrote about the sudden death of Mike's work associate's wife last week, here.)

Life is so unsure and sometimes I need to not care so much about the glass of water I have to remove from his side of the bed in the morning (even though we don't have 'sides'), or the non-funny jokes he might tell or his rolled-up-filled-with-head-shavings-towel he always leaves on the bathroom counter.  There ARE more important things in life.

Our relationship is far from perfect, but we both feel pretty darn (are you impressed?) good about US.  I LOVE Mike. And just like most couples we have things that make us, US and I LOVE them...
  • I love that he tells me often "I like just being with you."  
  • I love that he spontaneously writes me love notes.  Even if I had to immediately rip the one up he wrote the other night, so no innocent child eyes ever saw it...
  • I love that when we're going upstairs to bed he will often hide somewhere and jump out at me, even though he knows it makes me crazy to be alarmed.
  • I love that even if I'm sleeping he either kisses me goodbye or says goodbye and waits for a response.
  • I love that we go to bed together at the same time every night.  Even the other night at 8:43pm, when his back was done for the day and needed to lay down in bed and  I had a bazillion things I wanted to get done downstairs, but it's what we do.  So in bed I got too!
  • I love that he is my biggest cheerleader.  Though he isn't a man of a lot of words, I know he is proud of things I do. 
  • I love that our rule at church has always been, we sit next to each other.  Sure we may have kids on our lap, or kids either side, but our kids know they don't sit between us.
  • I love that no matter how chaotic or crazy it is when he gets home from work, and how many people may be clamoring for his attention, he always finds his way to where I am to greet me personally.

A year ago, I received a message from somebody I didn't know telling me they believed my husband and I didn't have a good relationship.  Mike and I were both flabbergasted that somebody would assume such details of our life.  At the time, I chose not to react or respond, but I have to honestly admit it made me wonder what in the world I must write that one would assume that...

There you have it!


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