Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kids Say . . . . .

The other day, Megan reminded me of an embarrassing experience she had just this last Christmas, and it has inspired a post. Megan was in a class at school before Christmas and they were discussing different decorations used at Christmas. She raised her hand and said, "My mom always puts 'garlic' on the stair-rails." I guess her teacher had said, "Interesting, I've never heard of that." The first thing Megan asked upon arriving home from school that day as she stood pointing at our stairs, was "What is this?" I replied, "GARLAND." Megan started to laugh... and I realized that I've heard her say "garlic" before, but I guess thought it was cute and never corrected.
As I've thought about that, I realize, there are many words I don't correct because they are so darn cute!? Any other parents guilty of the same thing? And do you think it does any permanent harm?

A few:
"mow-lawn" = lawnmower
"Walking Man" = Crossing Guard
"threeway" = freeway
"alligator" = elevator
"tample" for "temple"
"beltseat" = "seatbelt"
"bomato" = tomato
"snow" = powdered sugar
"home family evening" = Family Home Evening
After I gave a talk in church Ellie said, "I couldn't sit with you because you were up "taking a talk."

Don't even get me started on funny prayers, questions, thoughts etc. Actually that would be another good post....


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