Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thursday Afternoon

WARNING: Often I ramble a long time to make a brief point! This post is no exception!
So the day began with Mike requesting at 2:57am for me to go to the store and get him some medicine. (He had already been sick for a couple of days and my patience with him being sick was wearing thin...-would make for a good whole 'nother post!) So, I politely declined him on the medicine and told him I would in two hours. As 5AM seemed a more reasonable hour????? I "slept in" and it was 5:53AM when I got out of bed and went to Walmart. So, my day began a little earlier than usual, by mid-afternoon I had a headache, (combination of listening to Mike and lack of good night's sleep!), Joshua was napping and I asked Luke and Ellie if they would play quietly for 15 minutes so I could lay on the couch. Well they couldn't play quietly and as their fighting woke up Joshua barely 1/2 way through his nap ... a few unkind words ... a couple of swatted bums....I was NOT in a good mood. All this as I suddenly remembered I had to take dinner to someone that evening....
Fast forward an hour or so. It was time to take Megan to dance and I joked with Mike that maybe I'd leave all the other kids home and take the uninterrupted dance time to work on my Relief Society lesson for Sunday. What do you know, my dear, kind generous SICK husband...AGREED! And here is the point of my whole rambling blog.
After I dropped Megan off at dance, I decided I wanted a treat, but not just any "everyday" treat would do, so...I went to the Lion House Pantry inside Deseret Book, shyly surveyed their menu...ordered me a slice of chocolate cream cake...returned to the out my lesson papers...and ate THE WHOLE SLICE OF CAKE!!!! How pathetic is my life that I sat there almost giddy with the satisfaction of a purely perfect dessert, no children around me, and all alone for the next 45 minutes!!!
I'd have titled the post "Guilty Pleasure" but that wouldn't be accurate! I didn't feel guilty at all. Instead I felt like maybe....just maybe... I DESERVED IT!

P.S. I'd never paid attention to the new Lion House Pantry within each Deseret Book. They have a delicious looking menu. Lunch anyone???


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