Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Will It Pass The Test?

So it all began when I had been married 3 months and it was Mike's 25th birthday. (Actually rewind, it all began when I was a child and ALWAYS had a homemade/decorated birthday cake.) I thought it would be thoughtful to make Mike a boat cake as he very much enjoyed waterskiing at the time. Imagine my disappointment when Mike looked at the cake and asked, "What's the triangle supposed to mean?" (Of course there is no picture after that comment!) So then, Megan came along. Her first birthday cake I realized that pictures in magazines still require some skill to duplicate. Mike's comment? "You tried." Next came her 2nd birthday, Mike needed to make no comment because Megan could speak for herself. When I excitedly showed her the Barney cake she said, "What's tat?" My confidence has slowly increased and with the exception of just a few, most of the cakes I am quite proud of. The ultimate test always seems to be Mike and Megan's approval, neither of which have seen my latest cake attempt. So here is a glimpse of a horrible tradition I have started-homemade-made-to-order cakes!

So...here is Ellie's 4th birthday cake which will debut this afternoon at her requested "Purse party." (Yes-most kids have character themed parties-not Ellie!) I lucked out from feeling like I had to do any fancy frosting this time-as two little friends coming to her party are both dairy intolerant and can only have a certain brand of store-bought frosting! Yeah! Less work for me!

Ellie's 3rd birthday cake-Please note Mike actually declared this one, "The best yet."

Ellie's 2nd birthday cake


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