Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Thoughts on Random Shots

Luke and his bike!: Mike was at work and unavailable to fix Luke's flat tire. Luke's solution? Find Dad's wrenches, remove tire and replace it with the tire from old bike! Yes, Luke did this all by himself. As funny as the bike looks now with two different sized tires, I am mighty impressed my 6 year old knew how to do it!

Brrrr Cold!: Mike had promised the kids that he would sleep on the trampoline last weekend. So, Mike, Megan and Luke slept outside on the trampoline. I think the reason there are no heads showing in the picture has something to do with the fact when I went out to take the picture in the morning, I could see my breath in the air!! Brrr!

Luke playing baseball: Luke is the youngest on his machine pitch team. He is doing great. I especially love when he asks, "What team am I versing tonight?" (He has heard it said for example, "Yankees vs Pirates.")

Joshua and Megan: It has been so fun having older kids around this time with a baby. Joshua loves Megan, and she is so good to play with him and give him the attention he wants.

Pictures of Megan and Ellie: People always tell me how much alike Megan and Ellie look, I don't really think so (unless looking at pictures of Megan at Ellie's age.) I love these two pictures of them, it shows their personalities. Megan-a pleaser, Ellie-well, Ellie!

Luke relaxing: We were at some friend's house helping them in the yard. While the kids were off playing, Luke got his chair and perched up on the uneven dirt mound and observed the working!

Joshua: Never too young to start learning the value of hard work!

Ellie: On Sunday afternoons, Mike sits on the couch with the ottoman and reads the newspaper. Ellie wanted to do the same and announced, "I need do some reading, shhhh."
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