Friday, May 2, 2008

Luke is 61/2!--Happy 1/2 Birthday

It all started when Megan turned exactly 6 months old. It happened to be Nana's birthday (April 12th), and I thought how fun that Megan is 1/2 a year old on Nana's real birthday. So as Nana had birthdays, we acknowledged that Megan was officially 1 1/2, 2 1/2 etc. Now fast forward to May 2nd, 2003. Mike was working late, a few young women were gathered at my house and I remembered that today Luke was 1 1/2 and for some reason I decided to bake a cake and it all began from there... Some people think it's dumb, but it gives us a fun excuse to be honored simply and not with the big fanfare of a regular birthday. On your half birthday, you get a half a cake (see picture if you wonder how you bake 1/2 a cake), with 1/2 a candle in it, and we sing 1/2 of Happy Birthday. The 1/2 birthday kid also gets one small gift.

I warn you now, this entry gets a little long, BUT the details are so important to the story.

Now the gift has to be explained. It is a memory and story I hope to always remember. For weeks Luke has been talking about a "Jack Pock." Some kids at school have them and he has described them over and over to me. A few days ago, I decided to ask a few more detailed questions and try to purchase one for his half birthday. (I had already been informed that they were "$5 or $6 and you can buy them at Walmart or Target." So, I began my "Jack Pock" quest. Nothing anywhere said, "Jack Pock" but I came home with something I felt matched the description (names always get changed don't they?), and soon after quizzed Luke a little more and became discouraged that I didn't have the right item. Well, after school today, I said to Luke, how about we go and get you a "Jack Pock" for your birthday. I told him I had looked at Walmart and couldn't find one. I was then informed "they are at Target." So to Target we went and up and down the toy aisles we explored. Finally, there it was high up on the shelf, Luke excitedly announced, "That's it." I handed it to him and said, it doesn't say Jack Pock on it, to which he didn't respond (too excited to be holding his highly anticipated and wanted item.) Finally, as we're walking to the car I said, "I'm glad you came with me, I would never have found that because it doesn't say Jack Pock anywhere on it." Luke stopped, dead in his tracks, "It doesn't? "What does it say?" To which I respond as I take the package from him, "Drop Popz." "Ohhhhhhhh," was Luke's response, I thought they were saying, "Jack Pock." Luke is now the proud owner of a "Drop Popz," and it has given him hours of satisfaction and fun today, but if you say "Drop Popz", no one in our house will know what you are talking about, it is, a "Jack Pock." Happy 1/2 Birthday Luke! We love you.
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