Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random Thoughts on Random Shots

'"Watch my 'tick' Momma'"
Joshua is so proud of his new bike trick. He pedals as fast as his little feet can pedal on his pink and purple tricycle. He comes to a complete stop. He climbs up on the seat. Raises one hand in the air. And if no Otter Pop is in his mouth, sucks in both cheeks.

"I am the cutest Kindergartener"
Ellie's first full, official day of Kindergarten was Monday. She was honored with a "K-for-Kindergarten" pancake for breakfast. (Ellie may be the cutest, but maybe not the smartest... as she "forgot" to get on the bus after school on the second day of Kindergarten.)

Hooray. Hooray. The long awaited day has arrived. Drew can hold his own bottle. As Drew is my last baby, I really am trying to treasure the holding and all that stuff. But really, when dinner needs to be fixed, or someone's hair needs to be done, or homework needs to be signed, Drew holding his own bottle, really comes in handy!

Hmmm... Looks like someone was playing with Mom's camera when she was wasn't paying attention.


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