Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hungry AND Cold

When a family is used to a homecooked breakfast each weekend, Fast Sunday is not a pleasant day at our house. This being the first Fast Sunday since Luke's baptism, we asked Luke to please participate.

He was not happy. He was MAD! His reaction, in the 'Luke tone of voice' was,

"Fine. If I have to fast, then I'm going outside to shovel the snow."

He was out there for a long time. I went out to check on him to make sure he hadn't frozen to death. (It was 8:30am and well below freezing.)

Now, I know it wasn't a major snowstorm, but still...when I went outside, our driveway was shoveled, the next door neighbor's driveway was shoveled, the sidewalks were shoveled and he was on the second neighbor's house.

I just chuckled, grabbed my camera and thought,

"What a good kid!"

Big deal if he doesn't put his whole heart into fasting when he's eight...

I don't know a single other eight year old kid that would shovel four driveways and the sidewalks at 8:30am in the FREEZING cold without being asked.

And his reward?

When he returned inside, freezing and cold, his mother refused his request for a cup of hot chocolate.

(I'm still second-guessing that motherly decision!?!?)


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