Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa's Visit

Megan was thrilled (and a little alarmed) at the mannequin hair doll she received and has spent hours doing different hairstyles without her 'models' saying, "Ouch" or "I'm bored of this now."

Luke LOVED his 'hunting boots' that are now constantly on his feet. Everyone has to watch out for their toes or small toys to not get stepped on.

Ellie immediately began using the scissors to get into the baby doll inside the box and the baby doll combined with the new cradle Nana and Grandpa gave her declared, "This is my best Christmas ever."

Joshua loved his new bike, (after Grandpa and Daddy modified it so he could actually ride it), although his 'new BB Gun like Bubba's' has rarely left his side. (It is not a BB gun.)

Drew usually co-operates with whoever sits him down on his fire-engine at any given moment. Drew looked like a big boy in his first pair of cowboy boots courtesy of Nana and Grandpa.
Mike acted like a kid as he had Grandpa time him to see how fast he could lap the house on his new bike.
And Mom, though she is thoroughly enjoying the new computer we purchased earlier in the month, was momentarily speechless when Mike said, "The thought didn't even occur to me to get you anything else."

So, later on Christmas Day when Mike said to me, "You do a really great job of making Christmas a great day for all of us."

I bit my tongue and refrained from saying what I really wanted to say.

(You're damn right I do!)


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