Saturday, December 12, 2009


To make kind of a long story short...

An old friend recently put as a status update on Facebook, that she was decorating gingerbread ornaments with her children. Though I did not comment on her status, her sister did. Her sister's comment was something along the lines of it making her feel not as good of a mom. I thought the EXACT SAME THING!


I love reading this old friend's blog. She is beautiful, a fabulous writer, has a gorgeous family, takes beautiful photos, etc. etc. etc. Sometimes I fall into that thinking trap, "Oh she has it all together."


Well, in response to her sister's Facebook comment, my friend did a whole blog post confessing her inadequacies as a mother. It is very well written. So true. So honest. I laughed at some, I almost teared up at others. Her honesty was so real.

It really got me thinking...

Just last week, I had somebody say to me,
"I want my family to be just like yours one day."

I smiled, and graciously accepted the compliment.

So, in the true spirit of mothers sticking together, I, like my friend will be a little bit honest. Here is a small sample of last week and then you can really see if you want your family to be like mine one day.

Here you go.

-While playing a game with the children, tweak the money just a bit so mom will soon lose and game will soon end...

-Figure whilst crawling around on the floor, the baby got enough crumbs leftover from last nights meal that it will replace the need to feed him breakfast

-Dig fingernails slightly into child's hand for added effect while dragging child to their room.

-Ignore seven phone calls from children during a Stake Conference meeting...

-Upon arrival home, find out reason for seven missed phone calls, because middle child pulling down underwear and dancing

-Only reason shower finally got cleaned after SIX WEEKS was because child tells me "it looks really gross and really needs to be cleaned"

-D#@$ it could be heard loudly, repeated three times as dirty socks left on the stairs were thrown at guilty child...

-Evening dinner: cheese and crackers

-Tell husband to shut up while he is doing a favor for me

-Feel slight disappointment instead of sheer joy(?) when baby's nap-time is over.

-Allowed two-year old to eat five candy canes in a row before 9:30am

Now. Do you really want your family to be just like mine one day?

Kudos to my friend for so bravely being honest. Women need to be honest far more often. No matter what image we might be trying to portray, none of us have it ALL together!

(Keep up the GOOD work mothers.)


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