Thursday, December 10, 2009


The Christmas season always makes me think of Christmases of the past. Specifically, Christmases as a child. My Christmas memories are filled with joy, happiness, tenderness and excitement. I was blessed to have magical Christmases, and find myself hoping I am instilling these same memories in my own children.
Christmas time especially makes me think of loved ones no longer with us. I have found myself on several occasions already this holiday season, blinking away tears as I think of them. I thought aloud to my mother the other day, how I wish we could blend past and current generations together. ( day...)


"a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life, to one's home or homeland, or to one's family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time:"

So in my current state of nostalgia, I will return in thought to Christmases past.

*Shopping in the high street with one parent then switching.
*Loving the Band Aid song and Dad buying it on record for me and my brother, Matt.
*Making Christmas crackers with Granny
*Having The Brains over for Christmas Night
*Looking out my brother's bedroom window and KNOWING I saw the lights of a sleigh.
*Always sleeping in the same room as my brother on Christmas Eve
*Granny riding my new bike in the front garden
*Feeling the weight of a filled stocking at the foot of my bed
*Granny snoring on the couch while we played with our Christmas treasures
*A tin of Quality Street under the tree
*Christmas card table at the church
*Mary and Joseph Journey to Bethlehem Advent

These are just a few of my random, favorite Christmas memories. ...Makes me wonder what my children will remember most about Christmas...

What do you remember most?


steff said...

What a very cute picture of you guys on Santa's lap.

One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories is the family party at my grandparents house in Midvale, they are mexican so we always had tamales and chile verde and then we would gather around the radio and listen to updates on where santa was. Sounds simple but it always made Christmas wonderful for me.

Mom said...

Formal Christmas night dinners at Auntie Dale and Uncle Alan's house on the Avenues.
The "in" present of Barbie doll and tons of clothes.
A box of 64 crayons.
Cindy House.
Wanting to buy a doll for you when you were two months old and your dad saying you were too young. Dad coming home with one anyway on Christmas Eve.
"frankenstein" and myrrh
Granny knitting reindeer vest sweaters
Driving my dad down Beck Street while wearing red!............and the list goes on.
Oh that we could take our children and grandchildren on those magical journeys we had.
Here's to creating many more!

Lesley said...

Filled christmas stocking at the foot of my bed.
paper dolls in my stocking.
Always a new doll; and cuddling my doll when I went to sleep Christmas night (I love the smell of a new doll).
Christmas murals on the walls of the chapel when I was a child.
Christmas crackers.
So many wonderful childhood and adult memories of the magic of Christmas.

Stecky said...

Lead icicles on our tree-they hang heavy and were susecptible to static
looking at the tree from underneath
decorating cookies with my mom
the music
singing at fancy places with the Madrigals
Hearing Santa on the roof
Sleeping in a feather bed with my sister
Wow! You can't beleive what remembering is doing for me.
Thanks for making my day

JACK's house said...

Tiffany you have inspired me to do a post on my blog about Christmas nostalgia. Because this year has been full of it for me.

Melanie said...

You think I could remember something like that??????

This made me cry, I wish I had seen Granny riding your new bike in the garden.

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