Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Nothings

Recently I read a journal entry of mine, that reminded me of something Luke used to do that I had completely forgotten. This post is an effort to record all those tiny little things that would never be worthy of a blog post or journal entry on their own.

Each morning Ellie brushes her teeth in the bathroom downstairs at the very last minute, while I stand at the door and wait for the school bus to approach. I can see the roof of the bus from my front porch and she has enough time to spit, turn off the water and run to get on the bus in time. It is less than ideal really, but for Ellie's personality, and my teeth brushing uptightness it works for now.
Drew is a nightmare. He moves the bar stools constantly to climb the pantry, search cupboards, or get into the fridge. I try to relax. I try to tell myself I will one day wish for bar stools being used to search the pantry than an arguing teenage boy. But more often than not I lock the bar stools away in the office while stomping and complaining loudly.

Megan always has the messiest bedroom. Ellie never hangs up her towel. Luke leaves dirty socks scattered everywhere. Drew thinks he can make chocolate milk himself. I'm not sure Joshua knows we have a basket for shoes.

Joshua runs out of preschool with the same big grin he had on the very first day. It isn't that he loved preschool so much, it is that he is so happy to see me. I know it won't last forever, and every single time I can't help but smile too.

Some mornings we wake up to the sounds of Megan practicing the harp downstairs. The other mornings we listen for a good 30 minutes to her "snooze" alarm going off every five minutes.

Luke's excitement and enthusiasm about Mike being picked as a chaperone for a recent field trip was certainly something to remember. Mike's enthusiasm about accompanying 27 ten year-olds to a sewer plant didn't quite match up to Luke's.

Ellie still patiently leaves notes for fairies at bedtime. Her note-leaving is somewhat random, and the fairies don't ever seem to answer them in a timely manner. Although, I happened to notice last night that the fairy finally replied. Maybe Ellie has given up on checking. I have a feeling the fairy was a little disappointed this morning that the twirly handwritten response wasn't recognized!

Luke is a dream boy nearly every morning. He dresses, packs his lunch and goes about doing his stuff while the girls (and toddler) add too much drama, noise and wasted energy to the morning routine. Although Luke is constantly talking while doing said tasks-his attitude is more often than not a breath of fresh air each morning. Although Luke claims to never have "enough time" to fit in piano practicing in the morning, he usually always has time to work on a project.
Drew absolutely loves to sit on my lap and have me play Primary songs on the piano. I tire of the same old songs, but I absolutely love the way he links his legs around mine while he snuggles back against my chest.

One of our children clogs the toilet every time they go. One child can throw a tantrum of all tantrums. One child asks to eat every half hour without fail. One child throws things or tips things over when they don't get their way. One child can blow us away with their brief episodes of absolute disrespect.

Megan behavior borders on obnoxiousness more often than not. Too frequently Mike and I are telling her to "be quiet and stop." I've tried lately "to let the good times roll" because the alternative-a moody teenager is not exactly that wonderful either.
We are faithfully trying to read a Book of Mormon chapter each night. It is a nightmare nearly every time. We've slacked big time lately and grab a chapter here or there in the car instead. Each time the Book of Mormon CD's are pulled out in the car, there is much grumbling and murmuring from the back. Not sure what that says about our efforts. Yet we keep persisting.

Joshua is a homebody. If we go somewhere, he asks when we're going home. It's endearing and frustrating all mixed together.

When Drew is throwing a typical-toddler-temper-tantrum he removes the one item of clothing he is wearing. Yes, that would be his underwear. I never know whether to laugh or cry myself at the sight of my two year old laying on the floor kicking, screaming and wailing whilst stark naked.

This is our life.
Some days I want to cry from the sheer exhaustion of it all. Other times, I try my hardest to soak it all in and remember how quickly it is passing.


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