Thursday, March 1, 2012

Positive Thinking

It is believed that the only way to completely get rid of a negative thought is turning it into a positive one. In fact, at Power of Moms retreats and workshops, we often do an exercise about this very concept. We share with mothers the importance of changing the hundreds of negative thoughts we have each day into positive ones. I'm not always the best at thinking positively. But after doing this exercise with a group of mothers last week, I've been trying to change my own attitude into a more positive one lately.
While reading my scriptures the other day I realized approximately 12 pages had mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind small remnants of the ripped pages instead. Instead of glaring at Drew, I concentrated hard to have the thought, "How wonderful that I'll have 12 less pages to read to finish the book."

On Saturday night after retiring to bed I couldn't help but replay over and over in my mind the number of times my voice had been less than kind. I let myself believe, "How wonderful that my children will probably never be able to forget the sound of my voice."

While I was on the phone the other morning at 9:30am, Joshua and Drew worked their way through a bag of potato chips and a package of mint gum. My positive replacement thought? "I'm so glad the boys have fresh breath for when I am face to face with them explaining that we don't help ourselves to potato chips. Especially at 9:30 in the morning!"

Instead of the too-oft arguing that ensues about piano practicing around here, I let it go the other day and thought, "How nice that there will be one less set of fingerprints smeared across the piano bench today."

After wiping 2 bums about 6 times total within a 20 minute period last week, I positively exclaimed, "How wonderful that Joshua and Drew have such nice clean bums."

Instead of feeling mean and out of patience after we told Megan she would have to pay us each time she came into our room again at bedtime I thought, "How wonderful that we will probably be able to buy a weeks worth of groceries with Megan's penance."

After returning home to find the dinner clean-up hadn't quite been done as instructed, I thought to myself as I slammed loaded dishes into the dishwasher, "What a great thing to know I will never die of boredom."

I admit. Not exactly the 'what and how' of the thought replacement activity/idea, but if it works, so be it.
(Yes, pun intended. We love that phrase around here...)


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