Friday, March 30, 2012

My Baby is THREE

Dear Drew,

Today you are 3! THREE YEARS OLD!!
I swear it was just yesterday you were born, but nonetheless here we are three years later!

I think moms sort of get neglected on birthdays and really you should be extra thankful for ME rather than the new five pack of Hot Wheels cars today. But this year, it isn't because of the fact that I gave you life, (which of course we are celebrating today) that you should be thinking I'm a big deal today, but because of your birthday present.

You should know me by now, I think birthdays are a really big deal. I think the fact I gave you life is a big deal too. But really, giving you a present like this-

This is a BIG deal!!

Remember when I talked about making a floor mat HERE?

Yeah well, I must have forgotten that it's been a few years since I attempted a craft project and I won't be attempting one again anytime soon. Especially one that I'm trying to do secretly so no child in the family sees it before the special day. Seriously I about had a nervous breakdown over it. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.
This morning as all of you kids were oohing and aahing and enthusiastically playing with it, I said to Daddy, "I can't believe I almost had a nervous breakdown over it."

Daddy's reply?
"'Almost' have a nervous breakdown over it? No, you did have one."

There you have it. Craft projects make Mama a little mentally unstable, but there are worse qualities a mother could have, right? So what if Daddy was sorta right in his analysis of my state of mind, at least it got him sitting down at the table with me the other night adding and coloring all sorts of features to what will now hopefully be a true Sowby family treasure.

You're welcome Drew.
(for the playmat and your life)


Oh! And about your cake. Yeah well, I'm finally admitting defeat once and for all--cake making is not my forte, even though your body language, facial expression and voice squealing, "Mickey Mouse" was the perfect response for a non-perfect cake.

I'm sure you know I have a habit of spontaneously breaking out into birthday songs frequently throughout a family member's birthday. Of course, I do the same on my birthday too. I love that just like me, you aren't afraid to sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself throughout your special day.

Happy Birthday Dewer!


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