Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long Post of a Short Trip

There is a tiny part of me that feels a little selfish that my glorious almost four days in Southern California was all about me and what I wanted to do. But then again, Mike declared before we even left on the trip that as long as I was happy he would be too. After all, when I began planning the trip six weeks ago, I had said, "It's either a little getaway trip, or a trip to the mental hospital, you choose." Obviously he opted for the little getaway trip to Southern California. What a guy!

I'm going to let the pictures tell the stories for the most part.

I wish I had more pictures of how much I enjoyed my little niece Lucy. I absolutely LOVED spending time with her without my children there. Otherwise she would have been drawn to my children, but instead I was the novelty and she loved me! (I loved her too.)

(Yes we still have "just woke up eyes" but it was our morning walk!)

I ate at one of my all-time favorite restaurants when in California. (Yes, my choice.) I of course had to purchase a slice of their ginormous chocolate cake. (Which of course I shared.)
Of course I absolutely LOVED everything about Chinatown. Especially the fact that Casey, Cindy, Lucy and Mike were so patient with the amount of time I wanted to spend there. No one complained that I went into nearly every store, that I was so excited that even the crosswalk was unique to Chinatown, or that I didn't notice the smell that was drawing everyone else to make a more timely departure than me. Casey didn't even complain when I "treated" him and Mike to some freshly squeezed orange juice, but had to ask Casey for some money because they didn't have change for a $20 bill! I love Chinatown. San Franciso, New York, Pasadena, doesn't matter. I love them all.
I loved the excitement, goings-on, and atmosphere of the Santa Monica beach. I loved watching the performers practicing for the visiting Cirque de Soleil show. I didn't love that Mike wanted to ride a tandem bike together along the boardwalk but then said he thought I'd be too dangerous with the crowds. (Actually I did love that I didn't have to ride the bike, I just didn't love that he doubted my ability to navigate the crowds on the back of a two-wheeler.)
Mike didn't love that a bird pooped on him while ocean watching while I ordered us some french fries and a milkshake. My great-nan always said it was good luck, but Mike didn't buy my theory.
I loved that after usually always being the one with children, I didn't have any with me!
I loved that I totally wiped out Casey and Mike in a Monopoly game.
(Love that the underdog ended up with ALL the properties and a whole wad of cash!)

I loved (and laughed quietly) that the things that make Casey uptight and ornery are the same things that would make me uptight and ornery in a similar situation. It's a horrible Unwin trait that Casey and I inherited from our father!
I loved that Cindy and Lucy can walk or ride a train wherever they need to go.
I loved visiting with some favorite Sowby cousins on Sunday evening.
Even though there were hundreds of more pictures I wish I had, I wanted to just soak in the time there and not feel the need to capture everything on camera. Although I do have some regrets about what I didn't get on camera. I wish I had photos of the walks Mike and I went on. The charming neighborhood homes with flowers in bloom everywhere. I wish I had a photo of Mike and I eating breakfast outside at a charming corner cafe. I wish I had a picture of Mike lost on the streets of Pasadena after he hopped from the car suffering from extreme car sickness. I wish I had a picture of our mexican meal outside on a beautiful balcony, or of Mike and me walking arm in arm.
But at least I've got the memories.
What a trip!


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