Tuesday, March 6, 2012

US History according to Joshua

Joshua came out from pre-school two weeks ago proudly carrying an individual size pie each student made. A few minutes later, while eating lunch with one hand, Joshua proudly held his small cherry pie in the other. With his big trademark smile Joshua asked me,

 "Do you know why we made pies today?" Why? I asked. 
Joshua's reply: "Because Obama cut a tree down today."

It took me a few seconds, but I finally figured out what they really learned about today was George Washington and the cherry tree story. (Which yes, I know is a made-up story used only to illustrate Washington's honesty.)

A few days later while eating lunch together, Joshua asked, "You know last week when we learned about George Washington? Today we learned about Abraham Lincoln."

Dutifully, I asked, "Can you tell me something that Abraham Lincoln did?"

Joshua's reply? "He gave the gold plates to somebody." Assuming he must have Abraham Lincoln confused with some Mormon events I asked again, "He did what?" 

"Abraham Lincoln gave a gold diamond to someone."

I've made a mental note to work with Joshua on his US history studies, and at the same time will work on my own too. Because though I have never claimed to be a US history buff, I have no idea what Joshua thinks and/or learned about Abraham Lincoln.

One more thing for my proverbial to-do list.


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