Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Day Camp I Wasn't In Charge of But Exhausted Me Anyway

A couple of months ago, Megan decided she wanted to host a day camp for some young girls in our neighborhood. Megan always has lots of good ideas, but many times they are too lofty and complicated. Mike and I initially thought the day camp idea would be the same way, but told her to show us a "business plan" and we would consider it.

The "business plan" she put together must have worked, because her day camp has now come and gone. I have to say, she did a fabulous job. She charged a very low fee (mainly to help with costs), and opted to use it as a Young Women Personal Progress project instead of as a money making project. After her mother's encouraging, Megan limited the camp to 6 girls, plus Ellie.

She started out the day with the girls making "camp shirts" I loved the title she added to hers!

She had the girls singing and dancing, and Megan didn't even roll her eyes (or tell me to be quiet) when I grabbed a nearby ruler and began singing loudly to the music of Annie and Aladdin. The little girls thought it was hilarious, Megan and Ellie simply tolerated it.

I contributed very little in the way of advice to this thing. I was amazed at her organization to get 7 little girls involved in cooking projects and craft projects.

Heck, she even had an organized way of applying mosquito repellent for the outdoor-movie! The siblings were invited to the out-door movie. Due to the age of the attending children, much to Megan's disgust (and disappointment) we started it about 30 minutes before it actually got dark.

 The 2-day camp was rounded out with glo-stick bracelets on the trampoline. Except I'm really not a photographer, so this is as good as those photos get.
At the end of the two days, most of the mothers told her she should charge far more money next time. Of course, now her lofty and complicated ideas are already brewing for next year. I'm not quite ready to talk about the next one yet, even if she presents a business plan.
If she could only be so organized, responsible and kind in all areas of her life....


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