Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dad's Day

I love Father's Day. I wish as much pomp and circumstance was given to Father's Day as there is to Mother's Day, but that isn't the case. It seems the excuse as to Father's Day vs Mother's Day is because there are so many "dead-beat", "loser", and "absentee" fathers out there. I get that. I do. But you know what, there are still plenty of deadbeat, loser and absentee mothers floating around out there too, but that doesn't mean we skip the fanfare of Mother's Day.

In many church congregations, a small token gift is passed out to mothers (and women over 18) each Mother's Day. Of the people I talk to, few church congregations do the same on Father's Day. I love that my ward (church congregation) does. I love that they pass out king size Snickers to all the dads. (Even if Mike declines to share it with me.)

I love Father's Day. Perhaps it's because I have a good and decent dad, and because my husband is a good and decent dad too.

Last week I broke my promise to quit doing anything related to crafts (remember Drew's Hot Wheels floor-mat?), and hand made a gift for my dad. Of course I copied the idea from a combination of websites, and switched it around a little. I made a little book, "52 things I'll always remember about my dad"
I filled it with everything from quirky personality traits my dad has, to funny memories and loving sentiments.  
About 2-3 years ago, I decided that I wanted Mother's Day and Father's Day in my family to be less about giving presents, and more about recognizing the days for what they should mean. Shower me with presents on my birthday, but on Mother's Day-I want my children to let me know what it means to them that I'm their mother. They do the same thing for Mike on Father's Day. (Every year, I've told them they can even include what they don't like about us as their mothers/fathers, but they've never taken me up on the offer!)

Mike is less bothered about presents, and requests the same thing of the children every year, "Just be good and nice."  But I know he certainly does love the handwritten notes and cards too. I mean who can't love a note that says, "I am very glad that you came to life."
I love good dads. There are a lot of them out there. I'm glad to know two of the best.


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