Monday, June 11, 2012

Me! A Hero?

Last Friday I got around to filing away my children's school papers from this year. I keep very few of their papers throughout the year, and even still get rid of a few by the first week of summer when I go to file them in their individual boxes. I prefer to keep "personal" type papers; the "all about me" and journaling papers they write. I don't keep every report card and every art project they do.

I don't have everything I ever did in school, and I've never given it a second thought. I'm hoping my children will feel the same.

Back to Friday. As I was organizing the files, Megan brought down a small stack of papers from her bedroom she had brought home on the last day of school. She began going through them to see what to keep and what to discard. I was working on my own piles, when suddenly one of her paper's caught my eye. It was a short essay they had to write on "My Hero." And look who she wrote about?!?
Yours Truly.

It made my day. Especially, as we had had a morning that I'm quite certain would have not caused her to write such an essay about me just then. Of course it went into the "keeper" pile. And even re-reading it now, with all of its junior-highish grammar and handwriting, it makes me smile.

Reading this essay makes me realize that despite the drill-sergeant side of my personality that I feel comes out way too much, I must not be quite so bad after all.

A reminder I NEEDED by the end of the first week of summer.


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