Saturday, March 9, 2013

Haven't Forgotten

It may have been a few days since I've posted them, but I haven't forgotten the last few days' Little Things.

~ listening to the boys play (and splash) in the tub upstairs while Mike (obviously not having taken on the Little Things Challenge himself) yells things like, "Stop splashing!" and "Stop!" and "Settle down."

~ Drew asking if he could take his drink outside and then watching him sit at his picnic table that just barely became visible again, thank you to the snow melting

~ reading "Arthur's Underwear" to my little boys and them giggling about it

~ going outside last night to pick up toys and afterwards engaging in a spontaneous game of basketball with Luke (instead of playing 'h-o-r-s-e' or 'p-i-g', we play 'h-a-n-k'

~ watching Ellie and Joshua engage in a game of soccer together and Joshua completely naive to Ellie's manipulation of the rules

~ letting Megan's room stay a little bit messier than usual and basking in her goodness instead

~ stopping what I was doing and helping to make a car wash for Joshua and Drew's trucks out of the piano bench and an end table
(I should have taken a photo of the finished products--they were pretty awesome)

~ helping Ellie gather photos for a school spotlight this next week and wondering where exactly the time has gone??

~  ignore the cost involved of the fact Joshua goes through a thing of scotch tape every few days.

~ allowing Drew to put "just one more" scoop of chocolate milk mix into his milk and then watching him messily stirring and mixing it by himself.

~ taking the three younger kids out to a restaurant and watching their faces light up when I let them have soda instead of water. Joshua later declared, "Usually when we go everywhere we have to have water."

~ having the two older kids gone on Saturday night and being able to put our clocks forward at dinnertime without the younger children having any idea that they will be in bed a whole hour earlier!


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