Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Keeping the Little Things REAL

I loved...

That Ellie and I stood outside in the dark while she showed me a back handspring on the trampoline. Except that after the 2nd or 3rd try she bashed her thigh on the metal bar and somehow it was my fault.

Luke calling me to ask if he could buy new baby chicks and explaining he was going to get ones that laid colored eggs. No more boring brown ones. Except he practically hung up on me when I told him not that particular day, as I didn't have even five extra minutes to fit chick purchases in.

Bringing home 21 tacos from 3 for $1.00 taco night at Del Taco for the seven of us, and seeing my children's faces light up like it was some kind of delicacy. Except no one thought to throw away the aforementioned 21 taco wrappers on the kitchen counters while they babysat themselves while Mike and I were at the (LDS) temple.

Laying on the floor with Megan while we both felt under the weather. Except for the part where one of the little boys sat on her head and it made her mad.

Seeing Drew thrilled to be riding his Power Wheels 4-wheeler for the first time in months. Except for the part that he wasn't sharing nicely with the neighbor boy, and someone was always crying.

Sitting outside last week during the beautiful spring-like weather watching the children play. Except for the part where Drew got sunburned and I forgot about what a sunscreen Nazi Mike is, and I got slightly chastised.

Mike filling in for me at a school obligation for Ellie's class because I was home sick. Except for the part that he said Ellie practically ignored him

Watching Megan enjoy being in the kitchen, cooking and baking. Except the part that I was left doing the majority of the clean-up.

Listening to Luke make up a song about "keeping a house clean" (part of his pick-a-chore). Except the part where he'd downloaded 3 things onto my phone in the process of finding the music to make up his song with.

Joshua bringing me a blanket and covering me with it, while I laid on the couch sick. Except for the part that it smelt like dried pee, but I was too sick to care.

Drew being extra snuggly and mellow. Except the part that it was because he was sick and a. I felt bad for him b. He woke me up a few too many times in the night and c. He had to change his underwear every time he "popped."

Seeing the excitement on Ellie and Joshua's face when I let them sleep in my bed with me while Mike and Luke were at a scout camp. Except the part where I kept getting pushed to the edge.

Hearing through my open bedroom window Joshua pushing Drew on the swing and saying, "in-out-in-out-in-out" in an effort to teach Drew how to pump his legs. Except the part where they saw me peeking through the open window trying to capture the Kodak moment, and my quiet time was over with them begging me to come push them.
Gathered together for family prayer at bedtime. Except for the part where one child refused to kneel. One child cried because they were convinced it was their turn. And one child kept poking another child with a stuffed monkey. Oh, and one child was in the shower, but nobody noticed till the prayer was over.

Still working on my March commitment to enjoy the Little Things. Obviously there are exceptions to everything.


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