Monday, April 22, 2013

A Clean Pantry or Holdies

Some Saturday mornings when it is raining, Mike gets a bee in his bonnet to clean out the pantry, partly because he has 5 children (and sometimes a wife) that aren't quite as uptight as he is about where we return the box of crackers or the olive oil. I don't complain about his good intentions and I've tried to throw out any temporary guilt I feel that perhaps cleaning/organizing a pantry should be something I take a turn doing once in a while.

Oh well. Mike does these kind of projects better than me anyway. Not only does he empty the pantry entirely and scrub the shelves clean, this time he opted to re-paint the shelves too.

What did I do on Saturday morning while he emptied, cleaned and painted?
Well, put it this way, Mike did at one point say, "Are you going to just sit and watch me the whole time?"

Mike then requested a helping hand from me, but it just so happened to come 30 seconds after Drew had asked for holdies on the couch. I responded, "I'll come over to the kitchen and help you as soon as Drew is finished with holdies."

To which dear Drew piped up, "I'm not ever gonna be done."

to help Mike with the pantry or hold Drew?

Drew won.
Eight hours later Mike and I arrived home from dinner to discover Drew riding a two-wheeler.
I better take "holdies" over helping clean the pantry while I can. My children aren't getting any younger.


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