Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Simple Easter

Our Easter was simple, except we didn't get the traditional photo of the five children wearing a new pair of flip-flops courtesy of the Easter Bunny. Not that I'm too bothered about the forgotten photo, but Ellie is. I guess permanent records of 10 flip-flopped feet are a big deal to her. Maybe I'll still get around to the photo one of these days.

The Easter baskets were considered a big hit. Although by bedtime on Sunday night the older three children were one-by-one announcing missing pieces of candy. When the accused thieves were confronted, they were pretty remorseful. I take that back. One denied it, the other hid in his closet crying.

The Easter outfits were incomplete this year. Only the girls were treated to new dresses. Oh well-can't do it all now can I?
I couldn't resist having my children sit in the same spot for their Easter photo as they did 4 years ago. I think I still had some residual, "I can't believe my baby is 4" issues from Drew's birthday the day before.
Our Easter dinner was FABULOUS. A few weeks ago, Megan announced she wanted to do Easter dinner all by herself. She even wanted to buy the groceries!!!!

It was pretty awesome that after church I sat outside enjoying the warm sun, while Megan stayed inside fixing dinner.

Ham (Mike and I assisted with that part), roasted red potatoes, roasted asparagus, tossed green salad with homemade ranch, and a DELICIOUS strawberry torte for dessert.
(Oops, I think I told her I did get a photo of the fully set table filled with the pretty food. Guess I didn't.)

Lest you be thinking that Megan is nothing but a fabulous 14 year old who fixes great Easter dinners, mere hours after accompanying the church congregation on the organ...

remember, she is still 14...
This was the reaction I got earlier when I was trying to take nice Easter sibling photos.
Happy Easter!


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