Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Weekend in Sunny St. George

It's been nice to have my brother and his family living in St. George, so we actually have a reason to take little mini-vacations every once in a while.

We're so not vacationers. I would say money and time, but really? I think it is more likely due to the fact that the seven of us in such tight quarters (a car for a long drive?!) doesn't really rank very high on our priority list.

We travel no differently than a family would have traveled 20 years ago. Which I must say, really should change. Maybe, just maybe we could breakdown and involve some form of technology into our travels one of these days, and perhaps it would all go a lot more smoothly.

Ah well. Even if the journey to and fro isn't the greatest, the time in St. George is.

A trip to St. George wouldn't be complete without a trip for the boys to the red rocks.
A trip for me to my favorite store, Judd's to get a bottle of cream soda. Megan and Luke were the lucky ones to accompany me this time.
A trip to my second favorite store down there, Urban Renewal, where I purchased my first real vintage dress, which I LOVE. I'll spare you the photo shoot Luke took of me in the front yard.

Lots of cousin time.

Too many late nights.
Swimming in Kristin's generous parents' pool.
A walk to the local park. Although, after this last time, I'm wondering if I ever will again. Drew and Annie took turns throwing temper tantrums and Luke and Ellie were a little too fascinated with a questionable photo shoot/filming going on with some creepy looking men, a not very well dressed lady, and a 10 foot SNAKE!!! Awful.

(And no, Joshua should not be in a stroller, but sometimes at the end of the day when they've spent far too many hours playing in the water and sun. You do whatever to keep the peace until bedtime...)

I LOVED that James and Annie sat on their doorstep to bid us farewell. I am very happy they don't have big smiles on their faces. I much prefer the solemn-forlorn-we-are-so-sad-they-are-leaving looks.

Who wouldn't want to go back?
Which I have to, as I wasn't able to fit in my personal tour again this time.
Well and also because I'll enjoy seeing my favorite St. Georgians again.


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