Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hank's New Duties

You know what springtime means, right? The last two springs have brought two new additions around here.  Hank in 2011 and Lily in 2012. We figured once Luke had two goats, we were done with goats. Of course, Lily died during the winter, and Luke feels strongly that Hank needs a new friend.

Mike and I really aren't so sure.

We see Luke still show such tender and heartfelt grief for Lily, that in those moments I think we'd magic a goat on the spot if we could.

On the other hand, we see Luke's checkbook register that accounts for all his income and spending, and pretty much every penny he earns goes to animal feed. In those moments we try to tell him that ONE goat, a rabbit and EIGHT chickens is probably sufficient for now.

Luke still has his heart set on getting another goat, specifically a "Pack Goat."

You know, the kind that will be used to pack heavy loads up mountain trails? You know, because we're always wishing we had a goat for the times we're packing heavy loads up mountain trails?

Luke has been googling goat saddle packs for weeks seeing how much they cost, and in addition has been reading up on all sorts of tips for training pack goats.

Luke is waiting patiently. (He thinks he's getting one, Mike and I still aren't so sure) Actually, I take that back, I wouldn't necessarily say he is waiting "patiently".

But I will say, he's improvising.

Always one to save a dollar, and to improvise where he can, Luke has been hard at work the past couple of weeks making his own goat pack.

The other day I drove onto the driveway and saw this:
Then it progressed to this:
Hank may well become a Pack Goat.
Not to mention tonight Luke's scout troop was scheduled to take a walk along a local public trail to clean up garbage. Apparently, pets were invited. I think the scout leaders expected one or two dogs, not a goat carrying a pack.

The grin on Luke's face was pretty hard to miss, as he bragged about Hank carrying the garbage bags on "his pack" and the dry cereal Luke carried along in a sandwich bag (courtesy of the tips on Google under "training pack goats") working like a charm to keep Hank's behavior in check.

I'm still not sure what the scout leaders thought of the whole thing.

Hank turning into a Pack Goat could quite possibly become a win-win for us all! Luke could quite possibly get his pack goat, without needing a new goat.

I LOVE this kid. (Meaning Luke, not the goat) Seriously, is there anyone like him? We NEVER know what he will think of next.

PS-Hank was the only pet that attended the scout activity.


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