Monday, April 15, 2013

Power of Moms Las Vegas--Could It Get Any Better?

I wish I could write an eloquent post about my weekend in Las Vegas. But honestly, I don't think I could do it justice. I've been to quite a lot of Power of Moms Retreats now. I no longer wonder about the type of women that will be there, I know. Wonderful, fabulous, deliberate mothers. Last night as Mike drove me home from the airport, I couldn't help from repeating "There are SO MANY wonderful women in this world. I feel so blessed to meet lots of them."

The only drawback to these retreats, especially the ones out of town, is the reality that circumstances may  never put us together again. There are some hugs goodbye that sting with the reality of time and distance between us.

Our Friday night session was titled, Dream Night. We broke down the 45 attendees into groups of 3 and spent over two hours together discussing our dreams, our big daring dreams and our safe and ordinary dreams. I was fascinated by the diversity of dreams so many of us have. A Zumba class instructor, professional cake decorator, young adult novel author, weight-lifter, model, Camaro driver, and so on.

Aren't those some awesome dreams? I loved sitting in circles with these women, sometimes laughing and sometimes crying as we talked about the dreams we each have and how we hope (and dream) of pursuing them one day. I loved sitting and watching as some people experienced an a-ha moment that yes, indeed they do have a dream and it is OKAY as a mother to pursue it! And sometimes we sat together and realized that some dreams will have to wait for a while. Other times we watched as tears were shed that some dreams had to be forgotten.

What a night!!
Even if I did mortify April with too many details during my opening story. Has of yet, I haven't been fired, so there may still be hope for me.

I was THRILLED to meet my new friend, Jonelle and re-connect with another friend, Cheryl. Cheryl and I met at last year's Las Vegas retreat and Jonelle and I met via an email she sent to the Power of Moms website in December.

With me in Utah and these two ladies in two different parts of the Las Vegas area, they made the retreat really happen. What phenomenal ladies!! I'm blessed to know both of them. They are soon to be new Power of Moms trainers, and I'm sure some GREAT things will start happening with Power of Moms in the Las Vegas area. Not to mention the hope that the Las Vegas Retreat may become an annual event...
(Cheryl, me, Jonelle)

This dear, dear new friend, Briana, rode up from California with April. What a lady!! Her faith and optimism amidst real trials is truly inspiring. I loved lounging in a hotel room with her on Friday night visiting with her. I wish I could have spent hours more with her basking in her goodness.
I loved introducing these two ladies to each other. They share some common heartbreaks, but look at their smiles! More great women doing hard things!
And then there is the dear hostess, Dyana. What a gracious, generous woman! She not only opened her beautiful home to a houseful of strangers, but she had such insight to share. She and her sister are fabulous! I could have listened to their wisdom for hours. (Watching the two of them interact made me feel sad I don't have a sister.)
(Me, Dyana, Alesha, April)

Oh! And the bravery of this dear lady, Dawn! She courageously shared on Friday night her dream to become a Zumba instructor, and the next thing she knows, I (with gentle prodding from her friends) had her committed to leading us all in a short Zumba routine on Saturday morning!

(Dawn in the middle of her two supportive friends)

As for all the other women there? 
Wonderful, great women. I loved sitting in groups or observing groups and listening to them share their hearts. I feel humbled to have the opportunity to share my passion of motherhood and facilitate such great learning and discussion. 

I love this retreats!
I do not however love nearly every photo taken of me while talking, which you will not have the chance to see. It seems my hands/arms are waving and out-stretched in every photo! I obviously need to remember to speak with my mouth, not my arms!

I could go on and on. I could spend hours writing about the rich discussions that filled our day. The ideas, suggestions, and moments shared were touching, encouraging, and motivating. I'm sure I've said it before, but I firmly believe that with that many good women in a room, we could probably solve every parenting dilemma out there! With that many deliberate mothers in one place, it seems someone has a solution or suggestion for something.
What a way to spend a weekend.


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