Monday, April 29, 2013


(The sunset that Salt Lake City greeted us with upon our arrival home--beautiful!)

The reality that I am home from my (fabulous) trip to Boston (more on that tomorrow) came the second I turned on my cell-phone when the plane landed and I had a (frantic) voicemail from Drew's preschool teacher that school had been over for 20 minutes and he was still there.

All guilty parties shall remain nameless. I'm glad Drew finally made it home, as his welcome to me was quite endearing. He was laying in my bed, head poking out from the covers and with a huge grin said, "I am so glad to see you."

The other kids had pretty big grins (and hugs) too. And LOTS to say and LOTS to ask and LOTS to tell all when it was past their bedtime.

Ahh well, I am glad to be home.

Except I'm finding it quite ironic that this article of mine (You can read the article HERE.) was put on the Power of Moms site over the weekend. My plate is a little too full this week....

But my full report of Boston will definitely be on it.


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