Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Free Ride

(The first picture shows the horse collapsing, the second picture shows that the collapse was not enjoyable for Joshua.)

Horse rides began when Megan was about a year old. Bull rides began at Luke's request years later. They are an almost daily occurrence at our house. Even though the horse/bull is getting older, and the riders are increasing in number, size and weight, and the horse/bull has a broken back, this tradition continues.

If more than one child is riding, it is a horse ride. If there is only one child riding, the area is cleared of people and toys and the rodeo-type bull ride begins.

Both cause squeals of laughter and tears (not from laughing). But, there is never a shortage of riders. They always return.

This may all come to an end soon. I don't know who will be more upset; the riders or the horse/bull. The horse/bull is going to get his broken back fixed, and I'm not sure the doctor will approve a quick return to this type of activity.


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