Monday, October 12, 2009

Shout Hooray!

Today is Megan's Birthday
Megan Eliza is 11 years old
Eleven years!?
Where has the time gone?
It will be an extra special day, because it is Monday, October 12th. Megan was born on Monday, October 12th. (I guess it has taken 11 years to get back to her birthday being on a Monday!)
Shock of Ipod. Excitement of Ipod. Dancing to new music Uncle James had already put on the Ipod.

I am so excited. I love Birthdays.
I love them.
I love them.
I love them.
I don't care if they are mine, or Mike's or any of my kids. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!

I've come along way from the day 2 year old Megan had to ask me what her birthday cake was!

Saturday night, Megan had an 'Outdoor Movie Night' (which we decided to switch into the garage so as not to allow the girls to freeze.) Thirteen giggly girls watching a movie, having a pillow-fight, opening presents and playing outside makes for a worn out mother!
You know me and birthdays. I do not like celebrating birthdays any day other than the actual BIRTHDAY. But a Monday evening wasn't practical for a late movie night with friends. So Saturday it was, without the 'frills' of a real birthday, but a birthday party nonetheless.

Don't worry though. Today is the REAL birthday. Presents, birthday cake and lots of fun.
Happy Birthday Megan!
Only ten more days until mine....


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