Monday, October 5, 2009

Style? Comfort? Or Both?

I have two sister-in-laws I am frequently around. They are 8-10 years younger than me.

They are young and beautiful, they are thin, they are stylish, they have jobs they get paid for, they are current in pop culture and current events, they are always dressed in cute clothes, they never have snot or food from other people's mouths anywhere on their clothing, etc. etc. In essence, they are very opposite of me. (Although, one is a coming-soon-mother-to-be.)

Sometimes when I am around them I feel a little 'schmucky' (I may have just made up that word.) I always think how nice they are when they take an interest in my five children, my PTA duties, and my completely opposite life from them.

This all brings me to our conversation together the other night. There were four of us present. My two sister-in-laws, my friend Melanie (in the same 'type of life' as me), and myself.

We were in the middle of the clothing section of Target and one of my young, stylish, beautiful sister-in-laws picked up a pair of sweats from the rack. She was commenting on their cuteness, comfort, etc. She was in favor of sweats. Of course, I was agreeing 100% with her as we all know how much I love sweats. Soon after the sweats were returned to the rack, my other young, stylish, beautiful sister-in-law announced she does not own sweats and never plans on it.

You would have thought she had just announced she was a terrorist. Immediately phrases and questions from the three of us were bombarding her; "What do you wear at home?" "You will when you are a stay-at home-mom." "What do you clean the house in?" "What will you wear home from the hospital after you have a baby?" "What do you wear when you exercise?"

I have thought a lot about this conversation in the hours and days that followed...

I have lots of sweats. I don't wear them in the summer, but as the cooler weather approaches they are my favorite clothing choice. But it is very important to please note, I have never tried to 'dress up' my sweats or make them into anything other than what they are...sweats!

If I am having an 'around the house' day, you will not see me dressed up. If I am baking, sending PTA emails, cleaning a toilet, preparing a church lesson, changing poopy diapers, folding laundry or organizing a closet I will not be in a dry-clean only sweater and designer jeans. Ok, fine, maybe I am never in a dry-clean only sweater and designer jeans. Remember this post?

This is turning into an awfully long blog post about sweats. But I have an announcement to make. I am resolved to not have more pairs of sweats than days in a month. And, I resolve to wear them no more than twice a week. (Does my standard, winter Saturday-sweat day have to count as one of those days?)

Really, though. I need to know who is right, Me and my schmucky-ness or my young, stylish, beautiful sister-in-law?

Shouldn't everyone own at least ONE pair of sweats?


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