Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Little OCD

The last few days Joshua has become obsessed with Clorox wipes, the water spray bottle and the need to clean.

Joshua's cleaning sprees begin with the spray bottle in hand and states, "I need do some cleaning."

His request of my help is simple, "Can you get the pink wipes for me?" (We work on his colors when he isn't cleaning.)
He has cleaned the couch, the stairs, the bathroom sink, the kitchen table, the front door, the tile floor, the garbage can and this morning, "I need clean Luke's Cabela's truck."
I think Joshua gets his love of cleaning from his father.

Though of course I love the results of a clean, sparkling bathroom, freshly vacumed floors and dust-free furniture. I detest the tasks and therefore those things appear way too seldom around here.

Mike is a cleaner, though he is known to admit, "I lowered my (cleaning) standards years ago."

I think that statement is supposed to be an insult to me. But I choose not to take offense. I look at it as a positive thing...

When Mike gets in the mood to clean, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING FOR HIM TO CLEAN. Same thing goes for Joshua, I'd hate to take those opportunities away from them...


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