Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letting Go

I found myself STEAMING mad this morning. Luckily, the family member I was mad at, had already left home. Otherwise, unfortunately I believe my 'weakness-that-I-couldn't-give-up-for-thirty-days' would have been displayed in all of it's fullness...

A little background.
We are all uptight about different things. What matters to one, does not to another.
In my house the floors may not have been vacuumed for a week, but watch out if your blinds are left closed once daylight is here...

Or perhaps there are dirty fingerprints all over a light switch or wall, but if your towel or dirty clothes are on a floor you better get them picked up. F.A.S.T.

Not only were the nameless individual's blinds closed... The towel was on the bedroom floor...Dirty clothes were left on the bathroom floor... And we won't even mention the state of the closet floor.

On Sunday, the sister giving the Relief Society lesson mentioned several times being able to 'let it go.' Though, I am sure this sister was referring to 'more important' things in life, I couldn't help but think of the 'little things' that drag me down and prevent me from "Being of Good Cheer."

I am in a quandary. What can I 'let go' while still maintaining some household standards and ultimately, teach my children to respect our belongings and our home and all that other stuff we are supposed to be teaching?

Is it just me, or are you uptight about certain things too?
What do you do?



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