Friday, October 2, 2009

A Time and Season

(Megan, Brandon, Jacob, Luke)

I love the Fall. I truly do. I love to go to the canyon with family and friends and have campfires and s'mores and hot-dogs and dutch-oven desserts.

I'm not sure how I feel about it all though, when my husband calls at 7:30am and suggests we go to the canyon that evening and enjoy the Fall colors.

He will meet us there at "5:45pm."

His '5:45pm' is 6:10pm.

I have 5 kids, firewood, dutch-oven, camp chairs, hot-dog sticks, coolers etc. etc. etc. to pack into the picnic site. Thank goodness my parents and the Evans have their assignments.

The kids are denied jackets and/or sweaters because we have too much to carry already.

Mike wonders why I am a little grumpy when he gets there...

Everyone else wonders why my kids are cold and weren't allowed jackets...

There were no Fall colors visible from our picnic site!

Happy Fall...

(Mommy and Drew)


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