Friday, June 4, 2010

A Few Things

Just thought I should clarify/explain a few things.

1. The photo last week with me and Joshua's bare bum... Megan was messing around with the camera taking photos of me, I knew Joshua was standing close by, but I honestly had no idea he had no underwear on, until after the photo was taken and I looked at him and of course had to ask, "Where are your underwear?" His reply, "In the bathroom, I just pee-ed in them, I going to get some clean ones."

2. I was recently asked if I had lots of different cake pans to make all the different birthday cakes I have made. No, I pretty much use the same pan for every cake, but then I use a drawn template or free hand cutting it out of the pan. (I always freeze the cake before cutting...) So, no. I own no specially-shaped pans, just round, square and rectangle.

3.  And yes, I will definitely have to continue my story that I left hanging in my Memory for Monday with Mike...

4. For those of you that are familiar with Boy Scouts of America--specifically, Cub Scouts, what is the emphasis on 'Mother's pins?' Does a mother really need one, and really, DO MOTHER'S EVER WEAR THEM?!? I think they add clutter to a jewelry box and/or are a wasted expense. Where's a 'Father's pin' for the dad's efforts!!!???!!! I wore my pins to a family dinner the other night. I waited in anticipation for my BFF especially, to laugh and ask me about them. She didn't. For some strange reason, she thought I was suddenly strongly in favor of the BSA (I have VERY STRONG opinions about the BSA...) and chose not to ask  about me wearing them. Oh...and for some strange reason, I guess she also thought I was too ornery at the time to approach about 'a sensitive subject.' So really, with the exception of Luke saying, "What is that on your shirt?" my attempt to be funny really wasn't.

Please note the 'Bobcat' and 'Wolf' Mother Pins I am wearing:

5. Recently my mother bought me 'something.' I LOVE it. I was so EXCITED when I found that she had left the bag with 'it' inside in my kitchen one day. When I have worn it, this is a sampling of what I have heard,
Joshua said, "Tat is a pwetty dress."
Luke said, "What is that?"
Ellie said, "You are like a grandma."
Mike indifferently said, "My mom always wore those."

And Megan...Well, she made me PROMISE not to put a photo of myself wearing it on the blog...
And that is all I'll say about that, as dear friends and readers, I clearly didn't have your approval in the first place....

Gotta go. It's the last day of school today.
Happy Day!


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