Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An In

Friday afternoon, Mike, Luke and Joshua returned home.  Within minutes, my kitchen counter was filled with  hats for each family member, a pricey belt buckle, bags, a pizza cutter, papers, pens and general junk.  Surprisingly, it was Luke's 'connection' we had to thank rather than Mike's...

A year and a half ago, Luke accompanied Mike to a trade show.  It was there that Luke enamored sales reps with his uniqueness and received his first 'Cat' hat that has been worn daily ever since.  (Surely you've noticed it in nearly every photo of Luke that is posted, including the one above.)  It is ripped on the front, it is dirty, stinky and well worn.  But, with a roping horse embroidered on the side, it quickly became Luke's favorite item.

It has been in desperate need of replacement, and so when Wheeler Machinery hosted a customer appreciation day on Friday for contractors and children, and the flyer said, 'free hat for each child' you can bet Luke counted down the days/hours until attendance.

Only thing was, the free hat was just a 'freebie', and not exactly what Mike knew Luke had in mind for a replacement...

But, never mind that, when you are as important as Luke obviously is...

After all of the rides and races in the construction machinery, you are given a trip into the Wheeler Machinary Gift Store and told to pick out a hat.  (And oh the searching that was done for an identical horse roping one, but try as they did, it couldn't be found.)  Though Luke is pretty content with the duck hunting one he chose instead as he declared to Mike on the way home, "I'll still wear my old one and I'll keep this one for nice things like going to restaurants."
Joshua picked out several for himself, and then narrowed it down to one.
Luke carefully handpicked pink hats for each sister, generously picking out Ellie a horse roping one that couldn't be found in a boy color.
And then onto the belt buckles.
Now you have to know, Luke eyes belt buckles at every store that sells them.  He carefully peruses each one, he is eight, he pays no attention to price, he pays attention to detail, design and desire.  And belt buckles my friend, are no cheap things...
So it was no surprise to Mike when  he heard the 'Wheeler Machinary Shopping Assistant' say to Luke, "Pick another one, that one is kind of expensive."  And just as Luke had his eye on another more cheaper one, the kind 'Wheeler Machinary Shopping Assistant' quipped, "Oh, never mind.  Have the one you want."

Too bad Luke's connections aren't at my kind of stores...
Instead I gratefully accepted the gift of the 'freebie hat.'
It's the thought that counts.


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