Monday, November 8, 2010

A Memory For Monday (With Ronald McDonald and A Cap)

When I was about seven years old, Auntie Sue (who isn't really my aunt, but that's a whole 'nother story) hosted an adult only fancy dress party (Which translated into American means a costume party) that my parents were invited to. The party just so happened to fall on the same night as my friend's birthday party.  Fortunately, my dad was able to pick me up from the party I attended in time to get me home to my non-driving babysitter Granny and my brother and still be able to make it to the fancy dress party on time.

You would not have believed the excitement at my friends house that early evening when the doorbell rang and Ronald McDonald was standing at the door.


That is certainly a stand-out childhood memory to have been picked up from a birthday party by Ronald McDonald.  I was the talk of my school class that Monday morning in school.

And for some reason, that picking-me-up-from-a-party-memory reminds me of a not so pleasant time when my dad picked me up from my friend Kathy Davies party one March evening.

I can remember distinctly the birthday party and watching a Mickey Mouse film projected onto her bedroom wall.  And even though cartoons bored me as a child and I did not enjoy that part of the party, overall I'd had a great time.  And then my smile disappeared when my dad showed up at the door to pick me up wearing a cap similar to this. 

A big lump gathered in my throat and I thought I was going to burst into tears at the embarrassment of my dad wearing the type of cap that our milkman wore.  (Now I DO NOT have anything against milkman, and certainly not against our milkman Barry, but to me he was old, not to mention missing a couple of teeth and had very poor grammar. And although his niceness and friendliness stand out most when I think about him now, as a child he was the only other person I knew that wore a cap like that.)  Well of course Phillip Overall always wore one too, but his personality fitted it perfectly.  It is very interesting to note that I always really liked both Barry and Phillip as a child and now as an adult I recognize them as 'true salt of the earth people' so who knows exactly why I had such an adverse reaction to my own dad wearing a cap.

Oh man did I digress...
Back to my point with the cap...
My dad used to keep his coat/jacket/CAP in our storage room on an old metal garbage can (that we kept unopened bags of sugar and flour in).  It was his own personal coat rack of sorts.

One day not too long after it's purchase, the cap went missing.

And though I was THRILLED and excited about it's disappearance, my feelings towards the cap had never been a secret and so of course I was the first to be questioned.  I honestly knew nothing of it's disappearance.

I pled my innocence and silently (actually maybe not so silently) hoped he'd never purchase another one.  And though I disliked that hat so much that it almost caused tears each time my dad wore it, I still feel badly that it went missing and that my dad (and surely my mother and brother) thought it was me who had caused the loss.  But I can honestly swear on anything that is good and holy that I know nothing about where it disappeared to.

And as much as my dad loves me and trusts me.
I still think he holds a slight suspicion that it was me that caused the cap to go missing.

And even if he was only thirty-something and not a milkman, my dad liked his cap. 
And I'm sorry he lost it.


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