Thursday, November 18, 2010

Around Here

It's been a good week or so around here.  Nothing too memorable or special, just the regular routines our days are made of.  But for some reason this week it's hitting me even more, that this is the real stuff life is made of, and I'm loving it....
  • While attending YW In Excellence the other night with Megan, I realized I've come full circle.  I've participated in the YW program as a youth, as a leader, and now as a parent.  My testimony of the inspired program has only strengthened through the years.
  • Megan recently read a book at school she thought Luke would love.  Each night she reads some of it to him while he draws pictures of what is happening in the story in the home-made book she made for  him.  She reviews what they have read and has him write highlights after the reading session, to make sure he is comprehending the above-his-grade-level-book. For some reason, the book makes me teary eyed to look at.  (They don't always get along quite so well....)
  • Joshua keeps randomly pleading "I want to go to the beach."  When I tell him it is too far to drive today, he responds, "We can just fr-ry in a plane".
  • Mike's car got sprayed by a skunk.  We all favored the suburban for this week's errands/trips.
  • Mike and I did a 48 hour experiment Sunday-Monday.  We didn't ask/remind our children to do a thing (Besides practice and brush their teeth).  Mike and I did very little but the necessities too.  By Monday night, there were things strewn EVERYWHERE.  A very interesting and TO THE POINT Family Home Evening followed...
  • The other day, I needed my potato masher.  I found it in the mudroom.  Go figure?
  • My PTA board is fabulous and truly makes my job seem easy.  Emails, kind words and a quick visit from them make the hard stuff easier.
  • I'm loving the random "I'm grateful fors" that are being written on our traditional November "I'm Grateful For..." papers on the pantry doors. Ellie writing she is thankful for the "pinerses" (pioneers) made me smile.
  • I am honestly trying to enjoy Drew as a toddler, but shelves and cupboards being emptied  everyday is not always conducive to 'savoring the moment.'

    • I HEART, HEART, HEART my husband.   He makes me laugh, he makes me happy, he makes me smile, he makes me want to be better. 
    • Joshua has returned to full-time Cowboy attire.  He's making sure to get to the bathroom in plenty of time to undo the chaps, belt buckle and Wranglers so as not to loose the privilege of wearing them...
    • We took a family vote on Sunday and have opted to stay home as a family for Thanksgiving day.  The children can't stop planning our festivities.  We've had suggestions and enthusiasm for ideas such as tacos for dinner, a family 'carnefel', games all day, and the newest favorite--eating out at an all you can eat buffet!  Who knows?
    • Last night I decided to 'test' Drew's abilities.  I asked him to go upstairs and get his jammies.  He returned wearing one of Ellie's sandals from her bedroom. Such is life!
    • While reading my current read, President Monson's biography the other night, a particular scripture jumped out to me, "Be not weary in well doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work.  And out of small things proceedeth that which is great."  It's changed my attitude in the days since...
    Life is by no means perfect around here, but this week I'm consciously recalling one of my personal mottos: 'Enjoy the little things in life for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things.'  It is making all the difference.


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