Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rope Art

Recently during Sacrament Meeting, Joshua asked for some paper.  I handed a small hotel chain pad for him to draw on.  Before I knew it, he had used up the whole pad.  Each picture looked like lots of repeated scribbled circles, but they were 'cowboy wopes.'

Just the other day I found some 'cowboy wopes' and I'm not talking about the ones that I trip over on my family room floor all day every day.
I found them on my bedside table.
Not so cute.

Then Saturday morning, while sitting in the chair next to the bed talking with Mike, I found some more 'wopes.'  This time, they had additional artwork included.
(excuse the flash)

Joshua was summoned into the room and Mike questioned, "Who drew on the dresser?"  Joshua stayed quiet, yet silently shook his head no, as Mike questioned him, "Was it Ellie?"  "Was it Megan?" and so on.  Not wanting Joshua tempted to lie, Mike carefully avoided asking Joshua directly if it was him.
To no avail would Joshua admit he was the artist.

And then in came Luke.
Smart Luke.

"What is this a picture of?" Luke slyly questioned as he pointed to the non-rope design.
To which Joshua remained silent.

Luke started making guesses.

And then presumably, after what Joshua must have considered insulting suggestions,
He snapped, "It's a SPIDER."

 There was no denying it then.

The side of my dresser is now adorned with a large selection of pen-induced engravings of 'cowboy wopes' and one SPIDER.

And such is the life of a parent.


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