Monday, February 7, 2011

Capturing The Moment

"I'm going to keep this forever and ever." exclaimed Joshua recently while holding a newly found stick along the walking trail.  And of course I knew he wouldn't.  I knew within a few hours the stick would be long gone.  And not just the stick, probably to Joshua, the thought of it too.

The innocence in Joshua's voice and the excitement in his eyes as he passionately exclaimed, "I'm going to keep this forever and ever" was enough to make me tear up. I wanted a still picture of the moment. I wanted a video of the moment. And I wanted an eloquently worded essay about the moment.
But I knew I would have none.
Instead, I just enjoyed the moment and continued on the walk.

Though I have always been an avid journal writer, frequent blogger and camera grabber, I am beginning to realize that there are SO MANY moments that I commit to want to 'keep forever and ever' yet it is next to impossible to do.

I can't capture everything!

(Yes. That is a booger stuck on Joshua's teeth!)

As I mentioned before, last week my computer crashed.  Everything was gone.  Fortunately, I still have everything up until December 2010.   But as for 2010...what photos or writings weren't put on my blog or Power of Moms, I have lost.  (I know, I know-I will now join the technological world and BACK THINGS UP.)  (Thank heavens for my blog!)

(Yes. Drew may still have a bottle when he is in Kindergarten. Oh well.)

And so I go back to Joshua and the stick that he was going to 'keep forever and ever.'  He didn't.  I'm not sure it even made it home from the walk.  But the lesson Joshua taught me has stayed with me.  As much as I  want to remember everything.
I won't.
And that is ok.
I am trying to live in the moment more.
I can't capture EVERYTHING.
Sometimes I just have to enjoy it.


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