Monday, February 21, 2011

Cherishing Luke

The other evening, I was part of a discussion with several mothers.  We were discussing the inevitable statements most of us make: "I can't wait until..."  Instead of making "I can't wait until..." statements, we were challenged to CHERISH THE MOMENT!

I will not lie.  Four nights after that discussion, I ran up to my parent's house to get a few things.  With no kids in tow, it was a pretty quick, uncomplicated visit.  As I pulled out of the driveway, pondering the peace and quiet of my parents' home... I couldn't help but think to myself, "I can't wait is just Mike and me home alone..."

But alas, that time is several years away.  And so going back to the discussion I was part of the other night, I will heed the challenge we were issued:  'Record a moment when you really feel the joy of motherhood.'

Of course my children bring me joy.  So, as part of my discussion/follow-up/heed the challenge, I will take the opportunity to highlight each of my children in the same way I did the Random Joshua Thoughts last week.

Today, is Luke's lucky day.

Even though Luke is nine years old, there are a few words he says incorrectly.  I don't correct him.  After all, a few months ago, he finally quit saying "tample" instead of "temple" without any correction from me...

And really, it's all part of the 'cherishing the moment' type won't last forever!

Luke says 'Albow' instead of elbow and 'mongster' instead of monster

Anyone that either knows Luke, or reads this blog regularly knows, Luke is a pretty unique individual.  His interests are broad, his pursuits diverse, his ideas unrivaled.  We would never in a million years guessed him to love what he loves and be what he is, but I don't think we'd change anything at all.

Things to 'cherish' about Luke:

Luke has broad interests, whether it is something western, crafty, horse-related, or outside, Luke is interested.  He is determined and motivated to get a job done.  He loves to work.  Just this morning, Mike mentioned Luke would need to shovel the driveway and front path before ward (church) choir practice at our home.  Ten minutes later he was shoveling.  Two hours later he returned, when our driveway was done as well as most of the neighbor's driveways.

Even though Luke has a pretty tough exterior, he is a softy at heart.  Of all my kids, I'd say he is certainly the 'Mama's boy.'  Whenever Mike and/or I are gone for an extended period of time, Luke calls us the most.  And while there is usually a 'reason' for his call, the real reason always subtly screams, "I love you, I miss you, I just wanted to talk to you."

Luke does not enjoy homework, being inside or chores, yet he understands our family rule that you 'work before you get paid'. (Paid meaning 'play')  Luke knows what to do, and does it.  In the morning he promptly gets dressed, practices the piano, eats breakfast, brushes his teeth and does his morning chore. As soon as Luke gets home from school he starts his homework, does his after school chores and then disappears outside until dinner.  He rarely wastes anytime arguing or diddly-daddling, it isn't worth wasting his play-time.

Without fail, nearly all of the papers he brings home from school make me smile for one reason or another.  Like this 'How can you help the environment assignment?' that he just had to include his genre; Wrangler and Dodge.

And though he is always eager to go ice fishing, horse-riding, hunting, boating, etc. with his neighbor friend, Paul, it brought tears to my eyes when he brought home this assignment.  Luke's favorite place to be?  Home.

(Of course, just like the rest of us, Luke has plenty of faults too.  But number one, this is not the place to air those, and number two, that falls under the "I can't wait until..." category that I'm supposed to NOT be focusing on!)

The other evening, when we had some friends over, who happen to only have daughters, Luke was not about to be excluded.  While the girls made decorative hair-bows for themselves, Luke had no problem joining in, distributing a hand-made by him, hair bow to both myself and my friend.  (When the hair-bows no longer held his interest, he made leather bracelets for the dads.)  As he presented the hair-bow gift to my friend, she exclaimed, "Luke, you are going to have to watch out.  You are going to be quite the catch one day.  What don't you do?"

I have no doubt that one day, he will end up being a great catch!  A cowboy that can work hard, make hair clips, rope calves, sew pillows, and build sheds is probably a pretty good guy to have around.


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