Monday, February 14, 2011

Honest Love

I have spent LOTS of time with my husband over the past (almost) two weeks.  And though of course I TRULY love him, man alive am I exhausted from playing nurse.  Nonetheless, here are a few thoughts for my Valentine...

(And to clarify now, so some of these make sense later... Mike had major back surgery.  In order to allow the bone grafts (made up of some of his hip bone, cadaver bone and discs ) to fuse properly he can not bend, lift or twist, or walk/be up for longer than five minutes 4-5 times a day.)

I LOVE that I have assisted with very little homework and signed very few school papers the past week.  That is now Mike's job.  I'm quite giddy with the extra time to myself come mid-afternoon.  Ok, that is a slight exaggeration, there is no extra time to myself come mid-afternoon, but I do like that homework is temporarily not part of my mid-afternoon routine.

I love the little things I have learned from my husband....Like he has to have between his toes dried when he gets out of the shower.  Who dries between their toes??  I never have, but I lovingly do for him what he can't do for himself.  I bend down and dry in between EACH of his toes.  (Actually,  it isn't always lovingly, after all, it isn't as though I have nothing better to do!)

The past couple of weeks since Mike's surgery have shown me even more than I already knew, how much Mike really, really does for our house, family, kids, etc.  I miss his efforts.  But last night, I loved his efforts.... I went to bed with a migraine and was pretty dead to the world before 9pm.  I did not hear Joshua wake up crying in the night--I didn't wake up until Mike came back to the bedroom and was attempting to change his underwear....  Mike then informed me that Joshua had just peeed on him while Mike was comforting/holding him on his bed.  Mike declined my offer to let me help him get dressed, and instead politely used the 'get dressed tools' from the hospital, and let me fall back asleep.

Having Mike home all day every day for going on ten days now, I am realizing just how much I talk to myself!   The first few days were spent with Mike asking, "What did you say?" or "I can't hear you."  After repeatedly having to admit, "I'm talking to myself,"  instead of calling me crazy, Mike kindly said, "You talk to yourself a lot."

During Mike's allotted exercise time.  I love that he invites Drew to walk with him as he laps the downstairs and thus keeps Drew occupied and out of mischief for five minutes...
(Yes, I am well aware that those are some pretty ugly 'Mountain Dew' pajama pants he's wearing...)

I love that a lot of my housework is falling by the wayside.  I really do.  After Mike quit the pain meds after the fourth day home, he is awake, alert, coherent and thus... getting a little stir-crazy.  I spend too many lazy minutes simply laying by Mike's side in bed, or in the chair next to the bed chatting.  A (hopefully) once in a lifetime opportunity, we really don't want to let pass us by.

And if you can believe this, when I am finished going to the bathroom, I put the toilet seat up, so he doesn't have to bend at all to put the seat up when he needs to go.  Ahh-nothing like true love.

Happy Heart Day All!

PS-If you're interested in what my mother thinks of Mike despite being mooned by him once (or twice), you can read about it here.


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