Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clearing My Mind

Street Corners-It is that dreaded time of year again.  When a busy intersection seems to warrant fools dressed as the Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam trying to appeal to me to give them my tax business.  And two years later, I still have the same thoughts.  I feel like I will lose the blood flow in my  hands from gripping the steering wheel so tightly to refrain from doing something with my hands that I never do, yet every year these people bring out that desire in me.  I don't know what causes it.  But it clearly, irritates me. Really, does a person dressed up as Uncle Sam or The Statue of Liberty really attract business?

Flowers--Last Tuesday morning, before Mike was due at the hospital for his surgery, he ran over to our friend's house to see if Kari was home.  She wasn't and he seemed kind of bummed.  As 'luck' would have it, we had to turn around after a few blocks because we had forgotten something and as we pulled into our cul-de-sac, Kari was pulling into her driveway.  While I ran and retrieved the forgotten item, he spoke with Kari.  I quizzed him about the conversation, and then I completely forgot it...  Until, Friday afternoon, when Kari and Kellen brought us dinner.  Kari walked in carrying a beautiful vase of flowers and announced, "They are from Mike."  How thoughtful is that!?  Guess he remembered the long summer I spent taking care of him and his broken foot...  How can I get too irritated at his helplessness when every time I enter the kitchen I see the beautiful bouquet on my table?  I heart my husband!

(Answer to this question, How can I get too irritated at his helplessness when every time I enter the kitchen I see the beautiful bouquet on my table? Even with the beautiful flowers sitting on the table, After getting Mike his 57th drink of the day, or giving the 78th dose of medicine or helping him dress/undress for the 43rd time, it is very easy to say, "In a few weeks, you're going to owe me BIG TIME!")

Sweats-Remember my 'Fashion Loser' post a couple of years ago?  Well ever since having Drew, I reduced my wearing of sweats to only once a week.  And if you can believe it, I sometimes even skip that small allowance!  Well. Somehow after spending last week sitting in a hospital room, and then the last few days staying close to home, playing nurse, my love of sweats has been reignited.   Yesterday? The day I did actually get 'dressed up?'  I had my sweats back on by 4:15pm.  It is evenings like that, that I miss my summer house-dress.  Do they make more winter-like house-dresses...

Temples--Within the LDS church, temples are very important buildings to us.  As LDS people, we believe that they are the Lord's house and what happens inside of the temples is of an eternal nature and binds families together FOREVER.  There are LDS members throughout the world that live very far distances from temples, and make grand sacrifices to attend even once.  Here in Utah, we are blessed to have many within a close proximity to our house.  Joshua has a little board book about Temples.  It is one of his favorites to have read to him, one of the pages reads, "Is there a temple near you?"  Each time I read that line he says, "No."  Though, from Joshua's bedroom window, we can see the temple that is less than ten miles away, to Joshua "It is not by our house, it is by Jonah's house." (his friend)  It makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time.  Laugh because of his innocence and cry because he has no idea how truly blessed he is.

HOMEMADE Rice Krispie Treats-I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  Like I can eat a whole pan of them LOVE.  In fact, next time somebody says, "What can I do to help you?"  I'm going to tell them to bring ME some Rice Krispie Treats!!  Pure solace for the soul.

People-For the past six weeks or so, it seems I am very easily irritated with mild infractions of behaviors and/or personalities.  It seems for a while now everything and everyone has been making me crazy.  (Of course, I'm not referring to you.) I have felt the need to show greater kindness and compassion to the acquaintances, strangers, neighbors, and people around me.  And though I have felt the need, doesn't mean I have actually done it.  Recently, while driving with Mike I innocently mentioned that it had been a while since we had seen some particular friends.  His response, "It probably has something to do with their membership?"  "What are you talking about?!" I immediately demanded.  His reply: "Their membership in the human race.  Doesn't it seem you have a problem with nearly every member of the human race lately?"  I think I was speechless.  And that doesn't happen very often at all.

I'm working on it.

The End.


JACK's house said...

How many times have I said this....but you make me smile. :) You have an amazing way to put into words how I fell ALL THE TIME. You are one in a million my friend....one in a million :) (I think I might be coming in March and I am requiring a lunch with you....what do you think?)

It's All Good... said...

Seriously, what is the deal with those people on the street corners?!?! I feel so bad for the people who have to dress up as the statue of liberty or as a cell phone and strut their stuff. Don't they know that everyone feels sorry for them?? I think it's demoralizing. No one should have to do that.

Hope Mike is recovering well. Sounds like a pretty extensive surgery so I hope it went well. That was so nice of him to tell your neighbor about flowers and dinner! What a great guy!!!

I love rice krispies too. I can never have just one square. :)

I have been bugged lately with a lot of people or their traits too. You can obviously tell from my latest posts! I need to work on that. You aren't the only one!

Cindy said...

You crack me up with your clothing rules, dresses on Sunday, sweats once a week... does a house dress count as a dress on Sunday? ha ha I think the equivalent to a house dress for the winter is a robe, but if you would like I can ask my grandma, she'd know ha ha jk.

When I read this I was going to make you rice krispies but we haven't had any plans to come up. We should have a craft day, now that it's warming up.

How is your relationship coming along with the human race? Any improvements?

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