Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Joshua Thoughts

Mike and I were recently remembering a phrase Luke used for everything when he was about three years old.  "Pump down" or "Pumping it down" or "Make it pump down" or some varied form of the words was used to describe anything from a sprinkler spraying, to the tub water emptying or putting gas in a car.  Shortly after Mike and I laughed at the memory the other night, in true Tiffany fashion,  I began to worry that I adequately recorded somewhere Luke's "Pump Down" phrases.

And so to prevent any future worry of whether or not I recorded Joshua's unique phrases, I've gotta get it done now.

I love Joshua's use of the language. I love that he doesn't sound his 'L's' or 'R's' or 'Y's' properly and I love that he has funny pronunciations of things:

"We have a 'SKAprise' for you." (surprise)
"I'm getting in the SKAburban." (suburban)
"I will put it in the "gers" room.  (girls)

I love that when we were at Costco a couple of weeks ago Joshua asked, "Can I get a churro at the Food Inception."  And then later at a different store, "Can we look at the toy inception?"  (I'm assuming he's attempting to use the word 'section.')

Joshua loves his Wranglers.  Unfortunately, he only has one pair.  I let him wear them for two days before I insist on washing them.  On the third day, he wears his pajamas.  If his Wranglers aren't available, nothing else is good enough.

For the most part, I love Joshua's questions.
The other day:
"What would happen if there was no sky?"
"I don't know Joshua," I replied.  "What do you think?"
"I learned about it in Primary last time, but I don't remember."

I was very impressed with Joshua's wisdom today when he said, "Lots of people call me 'Josh'.  You should have called me 'Josh' when I was a baby and then people would call me 'Joshua' now when I am big."

Lately, Joshua is frequently lamenting the lack of buttons...

While seeing a Walmart toy ad on the computer screen:
"I wish there was a button on the computer and Woody and Buzz toys came out."

While waiting patiently for me to help him with his coat the other day:
"I wish there was a button on my coat and it zipped it up."

While getting tired on a bike ride last week:
"I wish there was a button that made the handles come up high and you didn't have to hold on."

Currently, Joshua loves, loves, loves the Toy Story characters.  As we don't have too much exposure to television/movie characters around here, this is the first time we have had a child so enamored with a 'character.'  (Barney coming to Megan's 2nd birthday party was mostly my love affair with Barney, not hers...)  

Joshua's love affair began back in the fall with the neighbor's Woody Doll.  Of course there is no doubt it was Woody's cowboy persona that drew Joshua in.  Between Santa's delivery of a couple of Woody dolls, a purchase last month made in a weak parenting moment of a very overpriced Toy Story set, and a bargain Toy Story 3 DVD, Joshua LOVES Toy Story 3, specifically, Woody and Jesse.

The over-priced, but under-quality Jessie doll from the set has already had one visit to Daddy's Super Glue Hospital to have her broken head fixed, and is now currently laying on Daddy's bedside table awaiting her broken leg to be fixed.  Joshua recently dubbed Jessie as his 'ger-friend'.

And though there was a very brief moment today that I wondered what it was exactly that I love about Joshua, I couldn't help but recall earlier in the day, while helping Joshua with the button on his Wranglers he said, "You are the best Mom in the whole big world."


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