Friday, February 25, 2011

The May or May Not Get Used Gift

Luke loves that our neighbor, Kellen, was a rodeo-riding cowboy in his high school days.  Kellen's old horse saddle is kept in his little boy's bedroom...

Luke spent the last two evenings outside in the garage, 'building.'  At one point he even had three drills charged and / or plugged in, ready to be picked up and used at any given moment.  Additionally, he had boxes of screws, and wood in random sizes, lengths and widths surrounding him.

The first evening, I gave him a 'fifteen-more-minutes-until-you're-done-for-the-evening' warning.  His response, "Is that all?  I have at least an hour of hand-sawing."  (Thank heavens he hasn't yet requested use of the power saw!)

I noticed some kind of contraption encroaching on my suburban garage space, but when you've seen so many of his shed and scooter and armoire and roping dummy and trailer and pinewood derby track wood creations, it's easy to turn a blind eye to the hard-to-identify-without-a-description project in progress.

And that is exactly what I did.
Until Luke tells me he has just popped over to Kellen's to borrow his saddle so Luke can see how well it fits on his 'saddle holder.'

My immediate responses:
"Go return the saddle right now, so it doesn't get ruined."
"And why are you making a 'saddle holder' when you don't have a saddle?"

The next night, Luke proudly carried the completed 'saddle holder' over to Kellen's house and asked if he could carry it upstairs to Miles' bedroom.

Kellen tactfully admitted that he wasn't sure if Kari would allow it in the house.  To which Luke replied,

"That's okay.  I don't think my mom would let it in our house either."

Today I was in and out all day.  Numerous times as I approached Kellen and Kari's driveway, I saw the 'saddle holder' still sitting on their front porch.  It certainly isn't aesthetically pleasing, but for the time being at least, it graciously sits there.

And even if the gift will or won't ever be used, everyone agrees, it was a truly, a gift from the heart.


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