Monday, September 12, 2011

Learning Together

While in the midst of organizing the recent Power of Moms Couples Retreat, a fellow Power of Moms Board Member asked, "Is your husband really into this kind of stuff?" ('Stuff' meaning hanging out at a Retreat, not deliberate parenting!) My reply was no, not really, but he was going to support me. I ventured to guess that the vast majority of men that would be attending with my husband, were going pretty much for the same reasons. . .  for their wives.

I now have a little more confidence in the following guess . . .

I would guess most of the men that attended last Saturday, enjoyed themselves and would attend another one in a heartbeat. Those men participated every bit as much as the women! What a wonderful day spent with parents together learning from and teaching each other. I got all teared up at the end of the day when I realized that the group of people at the Retreat, represented 158 children. From newborns to adults-that is 158 children with parents that are trying their best to parent deliberately.

And oh what a supportive (and wise) husband I have. Mike has such great insights and abilities into making all the great ideas I want to implement, somehow work for our family.
What a thrill to have spent the day with him. Mike has been so supportive of my involvement with The Power of Moms, and it was wonderful to have him get to know more personally some of the people I spend so much time talking about. It certainly wasn't easy getting that many parents together for a Saturday. Think of all those friends, family members, and neighbors that provided babysitting, shuttling, sports cheering, and meals for 158 children on a busy Fall Saturday. But all the logistics of the attendees, and the logistics of the organizers fell into place beautifully.

As Mike and I participated in a lunch discussion with some truly top-notch parents, I couldn't help but wish we could get parents the world over gathered together in such a way--learning and growing together.
What a great day!
(Saren Loosli and April Perry-The Power of Moms co-founders, and a couple of my dear friends.)


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