Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hooray for BFFs

It's pretty sad that for how often my BFF and I still get together, we rarely have any photos of us in the last few years. Now years 1990-1997, we each have ALBUMS full of us in dumb poses, or at random places, or doing the immature things we did for so much of our high school and college lives...
This photo, although taken in 2009 on Melanie's birthday would not have been much different if it had been taken last week on her birthday. You see she wears the same green dress every year on her birthday (that she bought while shopping together on her birthday back in who knows when? 2005 maybe?). Absolute kudos to her that she can fit into it year after year--owed to her absolute dedication in running, biking, or swimming every day.

Forget the dress, forget her birthday--what a wonderful friend to have.
Wednesday for example--she took my two little boys at 8:55am and didn't return them to me until 3:30pm.

Besides a quick hair appointment thrown in there, I got caught up on all sorts of stuff that has been sitting in my inbox or on my to-do list for far too long.

Love, love, LOVE BFF's.

And who couldn't love our kids too...
(I just came upon this photo a couple of weeks ago--Brandon and Megan--Fall 2000)

Three more years and these cuties will be in high school together...


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