Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Listen, Listen, She's Calling to You"

I remember as a child going up to London with a dear family friend, 'Auntie Sue' to see Mary Poppins at a movie theater. Before the film, we got a 'take-away' from McDonalds and unfortunately, when my brother, Matthew unwrapped his hamburger, it was not the plain hamburger he had ordered.

Now if you knew my brother, there was no scraping ketchup, pickles, and mustard off and eating it anyways. The hamburger was deemed inedible.

Fortunately, there was a tramp (homeless man--do they still call them tramps in England?) close by, and my brother kindly offered his hamburger to him. The tramp graciously accepted it.

Last weekend, my girls and I saw the Broadway version of Mary Poppins. As Mary Poppins guided Michael and Jane Banks through the streets of London, imparting all sorts of wisdom and niceties, I couldn't help but think how proud Mary Poppins would have been of my brother's actions, just minutes before we were introduced to her on the big screen almost thirty years ago.

Then I remembered Mary Poppins isn't exactly real.
But oh boy are the messages of her story real.

Families, kindness, love, time with each other, fresh starts, compassion, temporary needs, change of heart. That story is filled with all sorts of gems that our society is in such desperate need of.

Not only did I leave the theater with a renewed love for Mary Poppins' character, I left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my little family, and the time we choose to spend just being together.

Mary Poppins will always be a favorite of mine, from her magic to her kindness-she has something we all need more of.

What does it matter if Mary Poppins is make-believe? Her message isn't.


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