Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'The Man' Solo

Dear Grandma and Grandpa in Washington DC-

My family hopes by the time you return next Spring, I will be past the 'Praise to the Man' phase. I sing it non-stop. If I'm not singing it, I want someone else singing it, or I want it playing on the CD, or I want Luke practicing it on the piano. Furthermore, my mother hopes by next spring I will be potty trained, like clothing, and be able to pronounce words. Nonetheless my singing is quite entertaining, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Please be patient while the camera is turned the wrong way for the first twenty seconds. And please look past the fact that I look a little white trashish wearing a camo diaper (courtesy of a Huggies promo Nana couldn't pass up), and an art project on my tummy (courtesy of unattended markers). It is actually a very endearing short video of me singing, 'The Man'.

Quite amazing really that for someone who really can't speak well, I can sing!



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