Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yellow Snow

Upon arriving home from Nana and Grandpa's on Sunday evening, my two oldest children were given the simple task of taking the garbage cans out to the street.

Mike and I thought nothing of the screams and wildness we could hear coming from Megan and Luke out on the driveway. We generally aren't very quiet around here. (Sorry neighbors.)

The screaming got louder as Megan burst through the mudroom door, and then more dramatic as soon as she realized she had an audience. I will however grant her my approval for the level of dramatics she displayed this evening.

Luke, (I really can't believe I'm going to admit this so publicly--but I'm keeping it real folks) being a boy, decided to pee outside on the snow. Okay-no big deal really. Boy, snow, pee. Not exactly appropriate, but oh well.

Megan must have decided to take disciplining Luke into her own hands, and threw a snowball at him while he was doing his business. Unfortunately for Megan (and ultimately for Luke) he decided that when Megan hit him with the snowball, she deserved a snowball thrown right back at her. Only problem? Luke decided to pick up the snow at his feet. Yes-that would be YELLOW snow he decided to scoop up into a nicely formed snowball!!!

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on who you are, Luke very accurately aimed and hit Megan's left cheek and upper body.

No wonder Megan's screaming probably reached decibel levels that were close to breaking the city sound ordinance. Despite initiating the said snowball fight, Megan was less than pleased to have yellow snow covering her face and clothing. Needless to say, Luke was sent upstairs to think about his actions and how he would apologize to Megan.

Sweet Luke returned downstairs a few minutes later with a nice, hand-written note complete with a piece of candy, gum and artwork with his apologies to Megan.

(I am sorry I threw pee snow at you. You can pay me back with a noogie. The noogie can last five minutes. P.S. Again I am very sorry. P.S. I will wash whatever got pee on it.)

There was one major problem to this. Can you see the monogram on the bottom right corner of the card? Yes, that would be an E. As in E for Ellie. Further stated as, the cards belong to Ellie. And everyone in this household (well apparently not Luke) know that Ellie's desk and everything on Ellie's desk are off limits to everyone and anyone.

And so we had a whole new set of tears and drama about a card being used that shouldn't have been.

And without any advice from anyone, Luke wrote an apology note to Ellie (on a scrap piece of computer paper-he was not going to take anymore risks) apologizing for using her card, and attached some candy and gum for good measure.

It was still not quite enough for Ellie's dramatics to end swiftly, but I was pretty proud of Luke's efforts.

Luke may be pretty uncouth when it comes to a lot of things. Namely his bathroom habits and then throwing it (albeit disguised in snow) at his sister, but at least he has a tender heart and is not above compensating with a sincere note of apology.

Even if the note cards weren't his for the taking.


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